2022 Training Zoom Schedule Announced

Author: Justine Gonshaw


Why not sign up for one of our free, 30-minute training zooms?

Why not register for our free 30-minute lunchtime Training Zooms starting in February 2022 that have been devised as practical sessions to pass on our skills and knowledge. The current schedule with the registration details is detailed below but if you have any questions then please do get in touch with us via thelab@maglabs.net. Our expert team made up of Charanjit ChanaKam JoshiDonna DyerChris TebbEleanor WeaverKevin Derbyshire and Justine Gonshaw to name a few will be hosting these training sessions.

Feb 23: How to put together a simple marketing plan

March 16: How do you know you need a DAM?

March 23: Explaining creative workflows

May 11: Agile tools and techniques

June 15: The Customer Service Journey

Sept 14:  The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Oct 12: WordPress v Umbraco: which is the best platform?