Charanjit Chana Promoted to Associate Director

Author: Justine Gonshaw

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Congratulations to Charanjit Chana who has been promoted to Associate Director from July 1st.

Since joining Maglabs in October 2020 Charanjit has had a significant impact on the business, none of which has been made easy given the challenges of COVID and the significant transitions that the business has faced this past year. Charanjit’s experience, acumen and of course his cool, calm demeanour have been effective in achieving material changes to our development and delivery processes, all of which have been made possible by the excellent and continued cooperation from the team.

Alan Wright, Branded Chairman, commented “We are delighted for Charanjit and consider his promotion richly deserved – it is a positive step all round. I am sure you will join me in congratulating Charanjit and wishing him well in his new role.”

Matt Cooper, CEO, said, “I’m so pleased for Charanjit. In his new role he will be able to continue to build on the great progress that’s already been made but also influence change at all levels throughout the business. I look forward to continuing to work with him.”